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For members - your coverage

Welcome to The Pension Fund. Under your employment you have a pension plan.

As well as giving you financial security when you retire, the purpose of your pension plan is also to protect you and your family if you become ill, lose your occupational capacity or if you die. For these reasons, your pension plan consists of retirement savings as well as insurance cover for critical illness, reduced occupational capacity and death.

The links below provides a summary of the general coverage in your pension scheme. It also presents an overview of the many options available in our flexible scheme that allows you to customize your coverage to suit your and your family needs. The rules can vary depending on your terms of employment. The exact details are listed in Rules & Paragraphs.

Accident insurance

Members are covered by group insurance in the event of an accident. The insurance provides full-time coverage until you turn age 67. The exact coverage details are listed in Rules & Paragraphs.

Non-compulsory member

If you are admitted as a non-compulsory member, you have some other possibilities.

If you have any questions about your pension plan. Please call us on 77 55 65 97.

Worth knowing about the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data

Pursuant to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data we must inform you about how we use personal data. We record the information in our membership system and electronic case files, and we pass on the information to:

  • Public authorities when reporting information to SKAT, the Danish tax authorities.
  • Banks in connection with payments to and disbursements from pension schemes.
  • Unemployment funds, trade unions and other life assurance and insurance companies in connection with, e.g. early retirement, ongoing proceedings or transfers to and from pension funds.

You have a right to know what information we pass on and you have the option of filing a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency about our use of your personal data.

Read more about Processing of personal data and digital communications