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Illness and disability coverage

Your pension scheme provides cover for certain critical illnesses and if your occupational capacity is reduced.

Your basic coverage

Disability pension – monthly pension, payable if you lose one-half to two-thirds of your earning capability.

Children’s pension – monthly pension available for children under the age of 24 if you become disabled.

Disability lump sum – amount from group insurance which is payable if you are awarded permanent disability pension before age 60.

Certain critical illnesses – a lump sum of DKK 100,000 payable if you are diagnosed with a critical illness before the age of 67. 

Your flexibility

In general, disability pension is set to 100% of your old-age pension at age 67. Your options for raising or lowering this amount depend on your terms of employment. The pension scheme allows you to choose from 0 - 500% of your old-age pension. If employed in the public sector, your disability pension must be at least 40%, or 500% at most, of your old-age pension. However the disability pension can not exceed 90% of your salary or 70 x your monthly pension contribution.

Half disability pension if your earning capability is reduced by one-half to two-thirds before you turn age 60.

The children's pension is generally set to a 20% of the highest of old-age pension or disability pension. Depending on your agreement, you can choose a children’s pension set to 0 - 20%.

Disability lump sum and Certain critical illnesses are non-negotiable parts of group insurance.